Vacuum casting: the perfect technology for high quality parts

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Rapid prototyping technologies allow to realize single particular before production of any product.


Innovative technologies combined with ever higher performance materials allow to achieve not only aesthetic or functional prototypes but particular completely identical to the finished product. This is the case of personal manufacturing.

But often to do all the tests required before launching a new product on the market it is necessary to make pre-series.

In this case we resort to the use of silicone molds, molds with costs and time much lower compared to the final molds that allow to realize up to 50 pieces in the final material also transparent and with co-molding.

In the automotive world it is definitely the most suitable technology to achieve bumpers, dashboards, tabs and all plastics components for crash tests and for aesthetic testing.

This technology also has the advantage of being able to realize particular mass colored, glossy, opaque or transparent according to the needs of the model.

The master of these molds is usually made in stereolithography, thus eliminating the difficulty of printing particulars with complex geometries and undergrowth.

Summing up the advantages of vacuum casting are:

· Rapidity of implementation

· Cost reduction

· Possibility of creating complex geometries

· Use of definitive materials

· Aesthetic and functional value of materials used for replicas.

Below are some examples of prototypes made from silicone molds.






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