Healthcare: a great challenge for 3D printing

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Thanks to colored 3D printers everything can be replicated with a very high level of details.



From tailored-made prosthesis to anatomical models of human organs, 3D printed models are extremely realistic and useful to doctors who wants to do pre-surgical analysis of anatomical parts of human body.


The accuracy and time-less of models realization through Stratasys technologies and materials allows you to overcome any challenge.

Being able to differentiate details of human organs...... is crucial especially when it comes to blood vessels.

The advantages of using 3D print prosthesis are unquestionable. 3D printing technologies allows you to realize fully customized prosthesis based on patient's CT scan instead of standard prosthesis modified to fit every patient.

The realization of anatomical models allows you to carry out studies that can help surgeons to choose the most suitable operating strategy and to perform preoperative simulations that help to dramatically reduce the risk of error.







"When evaluating our surgery process we learned 3D printing could enable us to produce surgical planning models and potentially reduce patient theater time. "

Ferdinando Auricchio/ University of Pavia






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