Proud of our work

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Last Thursday we organized an event in our Trofarello (TO) production center, it was a very pleasant occasion in which we presented all to our customers and partners our technologies.


It was a significant moment because we had the opportunity to describe how the evolution of technology allows us to be "4.0" without putting aside personal relationships and synergies between companies with complementary skills.

We strongly believe in teamwork as in technological innovation and this has been the key to our success.

The main topic of the day was the presentation of the new Hp 3D Jet Fusion printer and its enormous potential.

We have also talked about our dream of being able to build a whole car inside our production center by bringing together additive and subtractive technologies (Rapid Developing Concept Cars ) and the new way of thinking additive through the use of latest generation software.

On display there were Charlotte Frangivento, Moncenisio, One Off Tesla and Maserati Monoposto.

To describe our day with 3 words I would say:

wonderful guests

…. a perfect combination for a successful event.

All I have to do now is to thank all those who have participated in the success of this event and all the customers who believe in us and entrust to us their projects every day.







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