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“The story of a model's birth: from design to mock up”


Made in Italy still has its charm in so many fields fashion, food, design, but also manufacturing.

Skorpion Engineering has always collaborated with the design institutes for the realization of models designed by students, but it is an honor to see that in recent years our expertise is recognized also abroad.

It is the case of the students of the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design in London.

We were honored to see on display in this important school models realized in our production center.

Do you want to know what the strength of our models is?

These are made by combining different technologies, choosing the most suitable technology for each particular. For example, HP's Jet Fusion 3D technology has been used for small internal and external details, which has also allowed us to win a race against time! For the whole model we used our 5-axis CMS milling machine, while for the realization of transparent details we have milled and polished the plexiglass.

Assembly and painting were the activities that required more care and attention and the result we leave you to judge.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the students and in particular to the author of this year's model Luca Barberis!












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