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Skorpion Engineering was founded in the 2000s and has been a pioneer of additive technologies especially for the automotive sector, the first industrial sector to have understood the enormous advantages of rapid prototyping. Through a modular and flexible structure the company offers a project management service for all phases of new product development combining the most innovative manufacturing additive techniques with the traditional rapid prototyping technologies.

Thanks to a consolidated experience in the design and production of prototypes and pre-series for the most exclusive car manufacturers, today Skorpion Engineering produces prototypes of excellence for all the companies that have discovered the advantages of rapid prototyping from the medical, fashion, industrial sector to jewelry.


Specialization in large dimensions: ability to create monolithic prototypes up to 2000mmx1000mmx1000mm
Consulting: placing all Skorpion technologies in the house Engineering is always able to direct the customer towards the choice of technology and the most suitable material for his needs
Management of special projects: Thanks to its experience Skorpion Engineering is able to develop even very complex projects from the design phase to the delivery of the finished and assembled product
Quality and punctuality: the development of a project is guaranteed in total respect of the established times
High quality and functional standards: strict security protocols to protect the idea and its originality and ISO certifications guarantee the highest quality.
Accuracy and Speed: speed of delivery of prototypes with next day service

 During the last 10 years, Skorpion Engineering has become a leading company on the Italian and international market and strategic partner of numerous companies for the development of new products.


"I founded Skorpion Engineering with the aim of becoming a leader in the Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing market, and after more than 10 years of activity I can say that I succeeded"








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