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Skorpion Engineering produces prototypes and pre-series of excellence for the industrial sector for over 10 years. In this context, every product has been tested on the market.

Our company, having all the Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing technologies, is always able to direct the customer towards the choice of the most suitable technology for his needs.



As with all other areas, including the realisation of an industrial project, we start from the design and engineering of the product, before moving to three-dimensional modelling. Already at this stage it is useful to know which technology you want to pursue the objective and professionals Skorpion Engineering will advise the customer what technology can adapt to the particular to be realized, depending on the intended use of the prototype.

Areas of specialization

Skorpion Engineering's specialised in some areas ranging from design to household products, to the realisation of 1: 1 scale models of home appliances, to prototypes used in the electronic and mechanical fields.


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