Orthopedic brace 3D printed

Thanks to 3D printing technologies, it is now possible to develop orthopedic braces different from traditional ones: light - fast - customised

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Manipolo Fast Therapies

Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing technologies are often used for the production of small and large medical devices.

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3D printing and medicine: a lung made of Objet Polyjet

We have created a lung affected by congenital malformation used by a group of Italian surgeons of the Milan Polyclinic to study the anatomy of the lung and malformation and define the most appropriate operative strategy.

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Bone structure reconstruction

3D printing allows the realisation in 1: 1 scale of anatomical models of skeletal structures of the skull. Skorpion Engineering has created skull models, with the sintering technology of plastics and with the Objet..

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3D printing supports cardiac surgery

Skorpion Engineering is involved in an important scientific project for the reconstruction of the mathematical models of cardiovascular structures starting from CT scans and their subsequent prototyping.

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