Co-design and Modelling


Design and engineering professionals ensure the integration between project development and product engineering.

Skorpion Engineering works with the customer to adapt each three-dimensional mathematical model to additive manufacturing technologies.

We produce prototypes and finished products with the most modern additive manufacturing technologies, supporting the customer already from the planning phase. 

Thanks to new technologies it is possible to create highly complex structures that are at the same time light, mechanically stable and with a high degree of product customisation.





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Files can be generated starting from the customer indication, a 2D drawing or a Reverse Engineering. 3D modelling is used to have a perspective view of the project and at the same time to create the file for the production processes.

Skorpion Engineering responds to the growing need for customisation by proposing to its customers co-design concept with the aim of being able to create a product starting from a simple idea without restrictions or limitations deriving from traditional production processes.

Our company, combining rapid prototyping with high-level design, supports its customers in every phase of the project. From a simple idea we model and realise the prototype with the most suitable and innovative technologies, turning the most extreme and particular ideas into reality.



Skorpion Engineering helps you to "THINK ADDITIVE"

Additive manufacturing technologies (AM, Additive Manufacturing) intervene when conventional production reaches its limits. In fact, innovative 3D printing technologies break down all borders and allow designers to give free expression to their maximum level of creativity.

Today it is possible to create any geometry, even the most complex, since each object takes shape by adding material. Although a new way of thinking is necessary, one must think in an additive way, and it is important to find a new approach to design.

Thanks to the use of latest generation software, a full part can be emptied leaving the material only where needed, creating geometries that are difficult to imagine using traditional production technologies but perfectly adapted to production through additive manufacturing.

Classic production techniques place limits on design, today instead, additive technologies give space to creativity.

The know-how acquired by our team for over 10 years allows us to be pioneers of additive thinking and to support our customers in this innovative path.

Additive thinking in fact allows to lighten many structural components adding material only where needed without penalising the solidity of the model.



We are talking about lightening the models as it is possible to construct empty objects with complex geometries that remove or add the material where needed. 



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