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Disposing all the technologies and knowledge in the field of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing, we accompany the customer to the most suitable technology and material to meet his needs already in the design phase.

Skorpion Engineering is always able to direct the customer towards the choice of technology and the most suitable material for his needs.
Thanks to its experience our company is able to develop also very complex projects from the design phase up to the delivery of the finished and assembled product.

We are a reference center dedicated to the management of complex projects that follows its customers in all phases that contribute to the creation of a new product from design to production.


We mainly follow well-known brands of the automotive and fashion world, but thanks to the know-how of realities like Skorpion Engineering, even the SME can change its approach and get closer to the INDUSTRY 4.0

Any component can be designed and produced in additives and this also allows you to avoid stocking and to produce replacement parts only when needed in a very short time.

Producing through additive manufacturing technologies is the final part of a process that starts with a new way of designing. Traditionally we started from a block of material to give shape to a prototype, but today we start from the void and add material only where needed. To grasp the enormous advantages of the AM it is necessary to design models and products that can not be realised with the use of traditional technologies.




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