Skorpion Engineering allows to provide a real personal manufacturing in the pre-series productions thanks to the continuous search for new solutions in the finishing field.

Our company operates in all manual processing forms, from painting tout court to wood and carbon coating, up to the latest metal plating proposals, 3D wood coating and 3D laser engraving, the wide range of finishes also allows to obtain prototypes from the definitive appeal and tactility, to meet any marketing need or functional and aesthetic verification.

Skorpion Engineering's modeling team prepares the prototype for painting by sanding it. In this way the different layers are removed and you can apply any type of paint (glossy, satin, metallized, etc.).



One of the most requested finishes is certainly the classic painting that is used to finish every type of prototype both in plastic and metal.

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Metal Plating

Metal Plating is a finishing type that gives a prototype made of plastic the appearance of metal, both to the eye and to the touch. This not only changes the appearance of the prototype, but the particular greatly enhances its characteristics of strength and resistance to temperature.


Metallization process gives the plastic prototypes the appearance of metal and is often used for the prototype production of lights, grilles and other automotive details.

This technology consists in the deposition of a metal layer on the plastic parts and allows obtaining an optimal aesthetic result.

Chromium plating

Chromium plating is a treatment that consists of coating metal pieces with a layer of nickel and chrome. This technique is mainly practiced on metallic materials, for aesthetic purposes and to increase its resistance and prevent corrosion..  

Carbon coating

Carbon coating is applied with a special technology and gives the appearance of carbon even to a detail made of plastic. The carbon fiber can have a thickness between 0.2mm and 20mm. This technology allows to obtain very important results both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. 

Leather upholstery

Any leather and fabric type can be used to coat plastic parts made with our technologies.

The application of the coating is carried out by hand in our laboratory.

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