HP multi jet fusion

New Jet Fusion HP 3D printer allows prototypes and small batches of parts to be produced faster than any other 3D printing technology with a very high quality level.

How it works: Jet Fusion HP 3D printer operates by depositing liquid agents on printing bed, using 20000 nozzles. This first layer is then covered with a melting agent. A second agent is then used and a source of thermal energy to fix the material as foreseen in the project that drives the 3D printing. The process has a degree of precision in the order of Voxels (which we could redefine as the three-dimensional equivalent of pixels).

MATERIALS: Currently the material available is PA12, In the future it will be possible to use materials of different kinds such as ceramic and metal components. Datasheet


If you want to know more, watch the HP Video

Rapid prototyping market is growing and it is the first market to discover the enormous benefits of 3D printing. Today, however, the real breakthrough lies in the production of final pieces with additive technologies.

5 reasons why 3D printing is convenient:

1. No equipment costs

2. Production speed

3. Cost reduction

4. Ability to make changes to mathematics without interrupting production

5. Replacement of the parts to be assembled since it is possible to rethink and produce them in one piece



CASE STUDY: 200 pieces in 7 hours

A customer contacted us for the realisation of 20 parts to be assembled on a piece of production.


Particular following requisites:

• Good mechanical properties

• Good repeatability between the pieces

• Low costs


Thanks to Jet Fusion Hp technology, the parts were produced in just 7 hours and only 2 days have passed from customer request to delivery

The characteristics of produced parts with Jet Fusion HP technology are comparable to those of a piece of production; this is also demonstrated by the fact that many components of the printer itself were produced with the technology of casting, with the following advantages:

- Elimination of the mold

- Realization of functional pieces

- Reduction of production times and costs


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