Milling is one of the most traditional prototyping technologies and makes it possible to create plastic or metal prototypes by removing material.

How it works: Through the use of 3 and 5 axis cutters, Skorpion Engineering is able to make finished pieces starting from a block of any type of material (real wood, plexiglass, plastic and metal). The tips, mounted on the milling machine, progressively remove the excess material until they reach the desired shape and size.




Skorpion Engineering has installed at Trofarello headquarter numerical control machines up to 7000x3500x2300 mm air-conditioned in temperature and humidity to guarantee the highest level of precision.

Our 3 and 5 axis milling machines allow the realization of monolithic pieces of large dimensions for the realization of models of whole cars in 1: 1 scale or for the creation of exclusive products such as the mannequin signed Moschino 4 meters high.


Wood, plexiglass, plastic, metal. Datasheet


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