Pre-series molds

When the customer's need is to obtain a series of finished products to be tested quickly and reliably, it is possible to use Rapid Manufacturing techniques for the production of pre-series or small production batches.

Pre-series molds can be made of different materials:
  • Silicone, treading the imprint of a master usually realised in stereolithography.
  • Resin, milled from solid.
  • Aluminum, milled from solid.




Based on the number of required replicas, you can choose the molding mode:

  • Vacuum Casting: it is used to create plastic prototypes with mechanical and aesthetic characteristics very similar to those of the finished products (rubber, rigid and co-molded) by pouring under vacuum into low density polyurethane resins inside the mold. You can make up to 30 pieces.
  • R.I.M. (Reaction Injection Moulding): it is a production technique for low pressure injection plastic parts with thermosetting resins. Allows the realisation of details up to 300 replicas; the result is an extremely resilient and ductile product with exceptional impact resistance reducing molding times compared to vacuum casting.
  • High pressure injection: it allows the realisation of plastic and rubber parts for aluminum molds, in large quantities (up to 2000 pieces).


Silicon, Resin, Aluminium.  Technical Datasheet 


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