Direct Metal Laser Sintering

This technology is extremely innovative and offers the opportunity to create prototypes and functional parts directly in metal, without the use of equipment.

How it works: The metal sintering, DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) is a latest generation technology that allows you to build metal objects directly from CAD files, by melting locally state metal powders on a layer.



Aluminium AlSi10 Mg, Nickel Alloy IN718, Cobalt Chrome MP1, Stainless Steel GP1 17-4, Cobalt Chrome SP2, Stainless Steel 316L, Maraging Steel MS1, Stainless Steel PH1 15-5, Nickel Alloy HX, Nickel Alloy IN625, Titanium Ti64 ELI.  Technical Datasheet

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 250x250x325 mm 


- Reduction of production time  
- Build metal parts without using tools
- Possibility to create complex geometries

Metal sintering is the ideal ally for the construction of metal prototypes and functional components for injection molds.
This technology also allows the construction of structural parts with cooling shaped channels.



At Trofarello facility, Skorpion Engineering has cutters capable of performing post-production work. The materials used through the DMLS technology are in fact suitable for post-processing such as milling, CNC turning, heat treatments, surface treatments both aesthetic and protective.


Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software, Skorpion Engineering supports its customers also in the design and co-design phase to guide them towards the "Think Additive" concept. Each object can be rethought to be realized with additive printing technologies adding material only where needed and creating complex geometries impossible to achieve with traditional production technologies.

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