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Skorpion Engineering sponsor ufficiale per Yamaha

Skorpion Engineering collabora con Yamaha per lo sviluppo di parti di parti in stampa 3D. Nel corso dell'anno siamo partiti dall'attività di Scansione 3D e Reverse Engineering per poi realizzare parti prototipale e funzionali con le più innovative tecnologie di additive manufacturing. Grazie alla nostra esperienza nel settore ed alle tecnologie di cui disponiamo siamo riusciti a soddisfare le esigenze del team con tempistiche straordinarie. Ogni progetto è una sfida ed in questo caso il convolgimento nel progetto dall'inizio ha fatto la differenza e ci ha permesso di vincere questa bellissima sfida. Fieri di essere Sponsor Yamaha :)

Let's talk about 3D CORE

Today I will tell you about the project presented yesterday at the Verona Motor Show conceived by Alvaro Dal Farra in collaboration with Kawasaky. Alvaro Dal Farra former freestyle motocross rider, he has participated in the most important events in the world such as Red Bull Xfighters, Masters of Dirt, Dew Tour, LG Action Sports, Ifmxf Night of the Jump. He is now manager of the DaBoot team and creator of several projects in the FMX, as well as a judge of the most prestigious events in the world. He manages the fmx school born with DaBoot, which has produced some of the emerging drivers he is currently following. This year we have worked with him on the realization of …

Let's start producing with additive technologies

Have you ever thought about how much time, money and space could you save by using additive technologies? Until a few years ago, 3D printing technologies were mainly used for aesthetic and functional prototypes, to verify dimensions and hooks. Today, thanks to the arrival on the market of more and more performing materials and more and more innovative technologies, 3D printing arrives in the world of production. Imagine the advantage of being able to produce components only when needed, to eliminate long waits for a mold, but above all to cancel inventories. The additive technologies allow the production of definitive components with compositional materials with outstanding mechanical characteristics. There are more and more machines of additive manufacturing that are presented…

Formnext 2018: the international fair of additive manufacturing

We have just come back from Formnext, the fair entirely dedicated to additive manufacturing that brings together companies and visitors from all over the world. It is always a unique experience even for those who, like Skorpion, have been working in the 3D printing world from many years. Also this year the main theme of the event was METAL, companies like EOS and HP have launched their new proposals for the additive production of functional metal parts. There are also a lot of proposals on plastic like the presentation of Stratasys of the new TPU material, extraordinary for many applications. On the HP stand, however, the finishes and applications of the technology are endless, from Drone structures to dental…

3D printing: A big industrial revolution

Sometimes 3D printing is mistaken for being just a hobby, but it actually has a huge impact on different industries and is being used more and more. With Additive Manufacturing we can already 3D print organs, bones, but also mechanical parts for cars or construction parts for airplanes. And let’s not forget about 3D printing an entire house! This industrial revolution wouldn’t be possible without the best industrial 3D printers. Cit. Reproduction of the lung of a newborn realized with the technology Objet Polyjet This is exactly what happens in our factory where every day we produce prototypes and parts for different industrial sectors. It is an extreme job where hurry and gambling are the everyday. Any company that grows…

Are you ready to discover the secrets of additive design?

Thursday 4th October will take place at our production center a training day on Additive design. The training is organized in cooperation with 3 big companies: #HP #Selltek #Replay You will be welcome in our factory of the future to discover all the secrets of additive design and additive manufacturing. Leading experts in the sector will speak about case studies, applications and new materials. It will be a very technical day full of unpublished contents. You will have the opportunity to compare yourself with our designers and project managers to understand how you can develop your projects in collaboration with us. At the end of the presentations it will be possible to take a guided tour of our factory to…

Make unique your supercar with us

With the right combination of additive technologies and innovative finishes Skorpion Engineering is able to customize every detail of a supercar. It is often require the use of carbon to coat internal and external parties, this finish gives a touch of elegance to your car. Starting from 3D scanning of any detail it is possible, not only to coat a particular, but also to reproduce it with different and exclusive materials as metal and wood. The use of high quality leather and any other type of accessories allows Skorpion Engineering to give a touch of uniqueness to every car. Our team of experts is always able addresses their customers to choose the most suitable technological and aesthetic solution. You can…

The advantages of creating a car grille with additive technologies

As we have already explained several times thanks to the combination of additive and subtractive technologies, we are able to realize all the components of a car.oday we want to talk to you about the technologies we can use to create a grille and their advantages. The choice of technology to be used depends primarily on the use that you must do the grille, so if mounted on a working vehicle must use the FDM technology that is able to create any geometry in a very short time and with definitive materials such as abs. Just out by machine the workpiece must be sanded very carefully in order to eliminate the visible layer and then painted. After this process the…

The digital factory 4.0

In the era of digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 a new way of doing business was born in Trofarello (TO), a company where manufacturing becomes 4.0 Thanks to the latest generation machines and an always innovative approach Skorpion Engineering is one of those Italian companies where everything can be done. From raw prototypes to finished ones, from single pieces to small productions. Thanks to the new HP Jet Fusion printers installed in the last few months Skorpion Engineering has started making additive manufacturing. These 3D printing machines have completely changed the way they produce in 3D and have allowed us to think about 3D printing not only for the realization of a single piece but also and above all for…

Ready Steady Go!

In these hours all the car-styling and the Turin-style centers are in turmoil for the final touches to the beautiful cars that will be presented next week at the Geneva Motor Show. For weeks we have worked incessantly to get perfect results and to agree design and production. From style to finishes every detail is treated to the maximum but you know what's new? There are more and more style centers that sometimes by choice and sometimes due to the scarcity of time use rapid prototyping technologies to create high performance parts and in a very short time. Stereolithography is often used to produce planks, bumpers, and showcar interiors, this technology has two advantages: one is the aesthetic value and…
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