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The new frontiers of 3D printing: Jet Fusion Hp

The HP Jet Fusion 3200 3D printer with Multi Jet Fusion 3D technology has the ability to print objects in 3D up to 10 times faster than current 3D printing technologies and in a more economical way, without compromising quality, detail and robustness of the product.

To considerably reduce printing time, MJF is based on Thermal Inkjet technology, which approaches surface material and not point-like.

The 3D printing process develops with the fusion of the material through fusion lamps and the drafting of two chemical agents, respectively one of fusion and one of detail. The first together with the melting lamps melts the powder solidifying it, the second defines the geometries of the piece.

The real HP Jet Fusion 3D news is the use of two different inks: a casting agent and a detail agent. The first gives heat to the material, the second defines it according to the instructions in the file.

About 6 months have passed since the installation of the first Fusion jet at our Trofarello production center and we can say that the expectations on this technology were very high and were largely met.

Every day we make prototypes and small series of details impossible to achieve with traditional technologies and above all parts rethought in additive optics.

Thanks to jet fusion technology and the exclusive PA12 material we have created steering wheels, display models, production parts and medical models in a very short time and with excellent results.

We are assisting to a revolution in the 3D printing world.

Stay connected to find out where the new technologies will take us!

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