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Make unique your supercar with us

With the right combination of additive technologies and innovative finishes Skorpion Engineering is able to customize every detail of a supercar.

It is often require the use of carbon to coat internal and external parties, this finish gives a touch of elegance to your car.

Starting from 3D scanning of any detail it is possible, not only to coat a particular, but also to reproduce it with different and exclusive materials as metal and wood.

The use of high quality leather and any other type of accessories allows Skorpion Engineering to give a touch of uniqueness to every car.

Our team of experts is always able addresses their customers to choose the most suitable technological and aesthetic solution.

You can choose from endless colors, fabrics, paints, effects and materials .. the choice is yours!

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Skorpion Engineering
Piazza Centro Commerciale 48 - 20090 - Segrate (MI) Italy
tel. +39 02 36687868 fax. +39 02 87390666
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