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3D printing: A big industrial revolution


Sometimes 3D printing is mistaken for being just a hobby, but it actually has a huge impact on different industries and is being used more and more. With Additive Manufacturing we can already 3D print organsbones, but also mechanical parts for cars or construction parts for airplanes. And let’s not forget about 3D printing an entire house! This industrial revolution wouldn’t be possible without the best industrial 3D printers. Cit.

Reproduction of the lung of a newborn realized with the technology Objet Polyjet

This is exactly what happens in our factory where every day we produce prototypes and parts for different industrial sectors.

It is an extreme job where hurry and gambling are the everyday. Any company that grows must invest in research and development and through innovative technologies of additive manufacturing every company can land in the industrial world 4.0

What we expected to be a bit 'of time is going on, the new 3D printers and new materials allow the use of 3D printing for additive manufacturing changing all the rules of production from design to production of material with no minimum quantities, with maximum level of customization and above all without equipment costs.


Be part of the 4 industrial revolution, realize your projects thanks to the advantages and potential of the latest generation of 3D printers.

Example of the production of hundreds of pieces made entirely with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Every day we read articles on how 3D printing is changing the way we think but above all to facilitate medical and industrial approaches at all levels, come and visit us to discover the world of 3D printing.


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