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Let's start producing with additive technologies

Have you ever thought about how much time, money and space could you save by using additive technologies?

Until a few years ago, 3D printing technologies were mainly used for aesthetic and functional prototypes, to verify dimensions and hooks.

Today, thanks to the arrival on the market of more and more performing materials and more and more innovative technologies, 3D printing arrives in the world of production.

Imagine the advantage of being able to produce components only when needed, to eliminate long waits for a mold, but above all to cancel inventories.

The additive technologies allow the production of definitive components with compositional materials with outstanding mechanical characteristics.

There are more and more machines of additive manufacturing that are presented on the market every day with the aim of becoming quick work centers for the production of final parts.

Many companies are starting to buy machines to install them inside, from our point of view having a 3D printer at home is not enough. Great know-how and specific skills are required to manage everything that comes before and after printing an object.

In an era like ours where everything is fast 3D printing can go beyond imaginable and for some companies it is still an unknown world.

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