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Let's talk about 3D CORE

Today I will tell you about the project presented yesterday at the Verona Motor Show conceived by Alvaro Dal Farra in collaboration with Kawasaky.

Alvaro Dal Farra former freestyle motocross rider, he has participated in the most important events in the world such as Red Bull Xfighters, Masters of Dirt, Dew Tour, LG Action Sports, Ifmxf Night of the Jump.

He is now manager of the DaBoot team and creator of several projects in the FMX, as well as a judge of the most prestigious events in the world. He manages the fmx school born with DaBoot, which has produced some of the emerging drivers he is currently following.


This year we have worked with him on the realization of "3D Core"

3D Core comes from the deep love of the rider for the bikes and the concept that everything comes to life thanks to the heart. This bike expresses its originality through a very careful stylistic research and thanks to the use of innovative and unusual construction techniques in this field.

His line is "standard", revisited with cutting-edge techniques; this time the difference is the 3D printing, realized with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology by Skorpion Engineering, thanks to which we have been able to create different layers and a real "open heart". 3D laser processing, anodization, painting and special parts complete the bike and enhance the concept of extreme research.


The project involved all our departments because Skorpion took care of the 3D scanning of the original components, modeling with parametric modeling software, 3D printing of the components with the multi Jet Fusion HP technology.

It was an exciting project, the first challenge of 2019 successfully passed. Enjoy the video and keep following us. 


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