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Let's talk about 3D CORE

Today I will tell you about the project presented yesterday at the Verona Motor Show conceived by Alvaro Dal Farra in collaboration with Kawasaky.

Alvaro Dal Farra former freestyle motocross rider, he has participated in the most important events in the world such as Red Bull Xfighters, Masters of Dirt, Dew Tour, LG Action Sports, Ifmxf Night of the Jump.

He is now manager of the DaBoot team and creator of several projects in the FMX, as well as a judge of the most prestigious events in the world. He manages the fmx school born with DaBoot, which has produced some of the emerging drivers he is currently following.


This year we have worked with him on the realization of "3D Core"

3D Core comes from the deep love of the rider for the bikes and the concept that everything comes to life thanks to the heart. This bike expresses its originality through a very careful stylistic research and thanks to the use of innovative and unusual construction techniques in this field.

His line is "standard", revisited with cutting-edge techniques; this time the difference is the 3D printing, realized with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology by Skorpion Engineering, thanks to which we have been able to create different layers and a real "open heart". 3D laser processing, anodization, painting and special parts complete the bike and enhance the concept of extreme research.


The project involved all our departments because Skorpion took care of the 3D scanning of the original components, modeling with parametric modeling software, 3D printing of the components with the multi Jet Fusion HP technology.

It was an exciting project, the first challenge of 2019 successfully passed. Enjoy the video and keep following us. 


Let's start producing with additive technologies

Have you ever thought about how much time, money and space could you save by using additive technologies?

Until a few years ago, 3D printing technologies were mainly used for aesthetic and functional prototypes, to verify dimensions and hooks.

Today, thanks to the arrival on the market of more and more performing materials and more and more innovative technologies, 3D printing arrives in the world of production.

Imagine the advantage of being able to produce components only when needed, to eliminate long waits for a mold, but above all to cancel inventories.

The additive technologies allow the production of definitive components with compositional materials with outstanding mechanical characteristics.

There are more and more machines of additive manufacturing that are presented on the market every day with the aim of becoming quick work centers for the production of final parts.

Many companies are starting to buy machines to install them inside, from our point of view having a 3D printer at home is not enough. Great know-how and specific skills are required to manage everything that comes before and after printing an object.

In an era like ours where everything is fast 3D printing can go beyond imaginable and for some companies it is still an unknown world.

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Formnext 2018: the international fair of additive manufacturing

We have just come back from Formnext, the fair entirely dedicated to additive manufacturing that brings together companies and visitors from all over the world.

It is always a unique experience even for those who, like Skorpion, have been working in the 3D printing world from many years.

Also this year the main theme of the event was METAL, companies like EOS and HP have launched their new proposals for the additive production of functional metal parts.

There are also a lot of proposals on plastic like the presentation of Stratasys of the new TPU material, extraordinary for many applications.

On the HP stand, however, the finishes and applications of the technology are endless, from Drone structures to dental arches each market can exploit the enormous potential of Multi Jet Fusion technology.

The trend towards the use of additive technologies for the production of definitive details and a high level of customization is confirmed by the presentation on the market of new technologies such as Carbon 3D

But in addition to the latest technology and materials, the focus of the fair was on software that helps us generate ever more complex forms with the aim of creating lighter objects with an ever-lower consumption of material.


Opening moments like these serve to anyone who wants to grow to understand trends and potentials of a market such as that of additive manufacturing in continuous growth.


3D printing: A big industrial revolution


Sometimes 3D printing is mistaken for being just a hobby, but it actually has a huge impact on different industries and is being used more and more. With Additive Manufacturing we can already 3D print organsbones, but also mechanical parts for cars or construction parts for airplanes. And let’s not forget about 3D printing an entire house! This industrial revolution wouldn’t be possible without the best industrial 3D printers. Cit.

Reproduction of the lung of a newborn realized with the technology Objet Polyjet

This is exactly what happens in our factory where every day we produce prototypes and parts for different industrial sectors.

It is an extreme job where hurry and gambling are the everyday. Any company that grows must invest in research and development and through innovative technologies of additive manufacturing every company can land in the industrial world 4.0

What we expected to be a bit 'of time is going on, the new 3D printers and new materials allow the use of 3D printing for additive manufacturing changing all the rules of production from design to production of material with no minimum quantities, with maximum level of customization and above all without equipment costs.


Be part of the 4 industrial revolution, realize your projects thanks to the advantages and potential of the latest generation of 3D printers.

Example of the production of hundreds of pieces made entirely with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Every day we read articles on how 3D printing is changing the way we think but above all to facilitate medical and industrial approaches at all levels, come and visit us to discover the world of 3D printing.


Are you ready to discover the secrets of additive design?

Thursday 4th October will take place at our production center a training day on Additive design. The training is organized in cooperation with 3 big companies:




You will be welcome in our factory of the future to discover all the secrets of additive design and additive manufacturing.

Leading experts in the sector will speak about case studies, applications and new materials. It will be a very technical day full of unpublished contents. You will have the opportunity to compare yourself with our designers and project managers to understand how you can develop your projects in collaboration with us. At the end of the presentations it will be possible to take a guided tour of our factory to discover all technologies and services offered by our company.

We hope many of you will come

To consult the program of the event click here

For info and registrations contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Registrations are open!


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